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"you cannot control the waves, but you can learn to surf".

Our hope is that every child learns the tools to surf the waves of their lives.

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What is


Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to our life on purpose. It is not based in any religion but it is a relationship between our heart, mind and body. It is a way of looking at our life experiences without judgement. Instead, we learn to view life with self compassion. We learn to be aware of what is happening in our body, in our mind and in our environment. We bring this awareness into each moment. Eventually this way of looking at life translates into a way of being in life. We navigate the world with greater mental clarity and stability. We learn to find peace and composure even in the most stressful situations.

A mindful child starts with a mindful parent. So we encourage this practice for parents and children. Mindfulness can be taught to children. Integrating simple practices such as listening to our breath, mindful walking exercises, practicing daily gratitude and eating with awareness can teach a child important concepts such as compassion, composure and non-judgement at a very early stage in life. Ultimately showing a child how to handle the thoughts that are associated with an illness can help them to manage the stress or fear that accompany it. As the great teacher of mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn said,