Gilberto Bultron, M.d., F.A.A.P.

"i believe that healing starts from the inside out"

Originally from Connecticut, I found myself in the great state of Ohio at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I fell in love with the school after doing a summer research program there as an undergraduate. During my time in Cincinnati, I worked as an assistant chef at a five star restaurant as well as a research assistant in pharmacology. I continued my love for cooking, salsa dancing and reading science fiction novels while in medical school. My advice for medical students has always been to continue to be engaged in three activities that inspire them while also managing the rigor of medical training. 

I then headed to New York City for my pediatric residency where I met my wife. I was the chief resident and she was the intern. It was kind of like Grey's Anatomy but not really.

After completing my fellowship in Gastroenterology at Yale University School of Medicine, I got married in Houston, Texas in a traditional Indian ceremony. I arrived on a horse and we rode off into the sunshine state and arrived in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is now home to me. It is where my daughter was born and where we have created a life.

I love what I do. It is my life's purpose. I believe that healing starts from the inside out. This is my philosophy and it is how I care for each and every child. I look forward to getting to know your family and helping your child live a healthy and joyous life. 


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• salsa dancing
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• science fiction       

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